Live Video of NAPCO Headquarters

Napco's iSee Video allows business owners and managers to view via PC or mobile devices, critical sectors of their sites. Monitor staff behavior, service and attitude, transactions at cash registers, loading docks, lock boxes, and safes. Get a notification every time there is an alarm or the back door is open.

Commercial Video Surveillance Options

  • Multi-business locations
  • Stockroom access
  • Video openings and closings
  • Cleaning service-comings/goings

Home owners will find video useful to make sure the kids get home on time, and who is with them. Monitor the care given to children by nannies or babysitters, cleaning services, see who is at the door whenever the doorbell rings and check in on your pets while away. Online video allows you to verify that gun or liquor cabinets, as well as safes and second homes or garages are secure. Homeowners can be notified whenever their children come home by cell phone or email, as well as any time an alarm goes off in their home.

iSee Video features

  • View one camera or four
  • View from any web-enabled PC, phone, blackberry, or TV/video alt. channel
  • Live video can be viewed on-demand or automatically emailed on specific triggered events
  • Customers have self-administered, password protected access for secure video viewing, and can store time-/date-stamped images

iSeeVideo PDF Files...
  • Residential Boucher
  • Commercial Boucher

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