Diamond Security Inc. can do it all:

  • Fire detection and alarm.
  • Intrusion Alarms
  • Camera Systems
  • Access Systems
  • Health care communications.
  • Sound, intercom and telephone.
  • All backed by 24/7 emergency services.

Not only does Diamond Security Inc. design, engineer and install best-in-class systems, we provide expert inspection, testing, maintenance and central station monitoring.

DIAMOND SECURITY Will Customize a Security, Fire, Camera or Access System Specifically for You:

A Diamond Security professional will ask you questions about your specific security concerns in regards to, your family, your home, or your business. The more we know about you, your home or your business, the better prepared we are to determine a system that helps meet your needs.

Fire Alarm Systems:

Diamond Security Inc. is a leader in fire and life safety on Long Island. Our fire systems and services protect town buildings, hospital facilities, commercial and residential buildings.
Today, Diamond Security Inc. provides Fire Alarm system design, installation and services through all of Long Island.
Whether it's an electronic fire alarm, connecting HVAC units or your own special fire system needs, Diamond Security Inc. can build or retrofit the best solution for you.
Burglar and Intrustion Alarms:

Our Commercial Installation provides a diversified package of quality protection, from security alarm systems for retail shops and restaurants to completely integrated alarm systems for high rise office complexes.
Your company's security can include intrusion detection with multiple pass codes to identify who uses the alarm system, camera surveillance to detect internal and external theft, hold-up notification, and even access control to supervise entry into and within your building.
The protection services offered by our Commercial Alarm Systems are designed to match your specific business needs. As your company grows, our diverse selection of alarm systems allows us to plan a security program to keep pace with your changing requirements.

Our Residential Installations provide protection for individual homes and entire communities.
Since every family's home security needs are unique, we design to meet your individual needs and budget. We install technologically superior equipment, providing many years of convenient and simple to use protection for your family. Your security alarm system can be programmed for intrusion, ambush, fire, and even medical emergencies, allowing the protection to grow as you require.
Quality, affordable protection services are an integral part of our Residential Alarm Systems. Also with our services, insurance companies will allow you maximum insurance discounts. Protect the people and things that mean the most to you with a quality Diamond Security Inc. Intrusion Alarm System.

Video Recording:

The prices of a visual camera for protection purposes have decreased due to improved technology and the competitive marketplace. Security Camera Systems can provide additional protection to companies by allowing businesses to install several cameras within a building or outside a building. Security camera systems that utilize visual technology reduce the losses that affect the profitability of the business and/or the loss of materials.

Access Control:

Access control systems enable companies to manage and monitor all access points and locks, allowing auditable security and quick responses to any security breaches.

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